Our Quality


Our ducks are slow grown and corn fed on a farm in the Macedon Ranges.
The skin has a yellow tinge and the meat is a rich deep red.
The skin crisps up beautifully and the fat renders down in the pan.
The best restauranteurs in Melbourne use our ducks which, like our cockerels, are supplied to you fresh from our farm.


A cockerel is an adolescent male rooster. He is slightly firmer in texture and full of flavours.
Our cockerels are slow grown, high welfare and low density and are slow to mature, allowing them to grow naturally.
Our Cockerels are supplied fresh directly to you from our farm.
No hormones or antibiotics.


Our chickens come from a Victorian chicken producer who helped establish RSPCA Approved chickens. Like all our poultry it’s fresh and hormone free.
Spatchcock, known as Poussin or Spring Chicken, are raised on a single source small-scale farm. The young age of these birds results in a delicate flavour and texture and offer very tender meat.
Boilers are spent layer hens from barns or free range and ideal for soups and stocks.
Silkies, named for feathers which some say can feel like silk, are a small chicken and 8 weeks old when they are processed.
The meat is sweet with a strong flavour.
It is sought after as a health food, and most often used in herb and chicken soup.


Our farmers have been growing squab and pigeons for more than 20 years in central Victoria. Fed a diet of predominantly whole grains (no hormones or antibiotics) the squab, or young pigeon, is delicate with slightly gamey flavours.
Guinea fowl are one of the most interesting and original poultry birds. Very different to chickens – they are far more flighty for one - these unique creatures need to be cared for in particular ways.
Our birds are Avery grown.
Guinea fowl are usually processed at about 20 weeks and while they can be purchased fresh in season, they are most usually available frozen. Weights range from 850g to 1.2 kg. Younger birds (400-600 g) and various carcass portions are also available. 
The common quail, or European quail, is a small ground-nesting game bird in the pheasant family. It has slightly gamey flavours and its small size makes it perfect to be served as an entrée or appetiser.
Pheasants require specialised growing techniques and lots of care. Our farmers in central Victoria feed the birds a combination of crushed grains and pellets and, like all our birds, grow them without hormones. These active birds are moved only at night and are processed at 15-16 weeks. The meat quality is soft and tender.


Australia produces some of the best prawns in the world and our favourites are the Queensland wild caught Tiger prawns and the South Australian wild caught King prawns.