Covid-19 Update

Hi Everybody

I hope we are all staying safe and operating as best we can within the guidelines during this trying time. And we want to thank everyone for turning up for work everyday to continue to supply food and essential services to meet the needs of our communities.

We are trying to operate as normal with a lower density of staff in our work stations and rotating and spreading out our production programmes. We have supplied protection masks and face covers for those in closer proximity to their working colleges, but following guidelines we are all working within two metre and not facing each other. We have put a temperature camera in our entrance to check the temperature of anyone coming into the premises and sending them home to isolate if positive for a temperature.

We are also trying to help those small producers who are struggling through this time and are processing some smaller runs of birds. To this end we will be killing some Victorian goslings (young geese) about 3 kilo per bird only 50 available at $18.00 per kilo. If interested please enquire back by email or ring Paul on 0407002865.

Due to the wholesale restaurant business being decimated during this trying time we will be reducing the number of ducks in the production moving forward but we will have plenty to continue to supply those retailers who require them, so please remember to place your orders.

The supply of our quail and spatchcock is going well and we have plenty in stock for those that have been enjoying them recently.

If there is anything we can do for our customers during this trying time please let us know.

Kind regards,

From all of us at Golden Poultry we encourage you to take precautions where you can and above all stay safe.

Any questions,

Please phone Paul Ikin on 0407002865
or your regular contact at Golden Poultry.